1). What is EnjoyFresh?

EnjoyFresh is a marketplace to connect local sellers with food lovers. We hand- pick sellers to provide members with exclusive experience(where available).

2). Why EnjoyFresh?

You’re a food lover and appreciate new culinary experiences.EnjoyFresh finds exclusive sellers food offerings near you and gives you anopportunity to book your item online, or have it delivered.Personalize your preferences on EnjoyFresh and you’ll be notified when new events ormenu items are available to match your interests,such as favorite sellers and items.

3). Is EnjoyFresh free?

Yes. Becoming an EnjoyFresh member is free. Users pay for the experiences they purchase on the marketplace. Ordering is seamless, you can reserve through your phone and we will send you a confirmation with all the details.

4). How do I create an account?

You can sign up through our mobile app. EnjoyFresh also lets you sign up through social media accounts. Enter your details and start enjoying mouthwatering made-to-order delicacies.

5). How do I search for a item?

EnjoyFresh uses location based (pincode) settings to show you items that are in your area. You can refine your search in terms of type of cuisine, seller or item

6). How do I make a purchase?

By entering your information into EnjoyFresh you can order instantly through the app by payment gateway like Paytm/debit card/credit card/cash.

7). I don’t see anything in the marketplace?

Our site is made for local sellers. If we do not have any sellers in your pin code, you might not see nothing in the search. If you are unable to view any results as soon as you log in, click on “change location” and try a different pin code.

8). How do I pay after select my order?

You can pay online via your Paytm payment gateway, credit card, debit card, UPI

9). How secure is the payment gateway?

The payment gateway we use is very secure. Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer, the merchant and the payment processor.

10). How does the seller know who has placed an order and when we will come in?

Once an order is placed, an order summary and beep ring is sent to the user and seller owner. If there is not a specified time, you can reserve through the seller.

11). Is it possible to do pick-up orders?

Yes, through EnjoyFresh mobile app you can place and pick up order.

12). How do I know what is in each item?

Ingredient and quantity information is displayed just below the item picture on the search page, some sellers may omit certain ingredients.

13). Do you offer delivery?

Yes, delivery is at the discretion of the sellers

14). Is there a limit to the number of orders I can make?

There is no limit to the orders you can make.

15). Can I change or substitute once I am at the seller?

This is left to seller’s sole discretion.

16). Can I change or modify my order?

You can not change or modify your order through EnjoyFresh, however, this can be discussed with the sellers.

17). Do you offer rewards points for regular customers?

We do not currently offer this feature.

18). How do I opt out of newsletters, updates and offers from EnjoyFresh?

After you log in, click on your username on the top right hand corner. From there, select “settings” from the drop down menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and unselect the “offers”option under notification tab.

19). What do I do if I suspect a fraudulent seller?

We thoroughly verify all of the sellers registered with us, so you should not come across such a situation

Technical FAQs

1). I’m unable to login. What should I do?

Please make sure that you have created an account. If you have not created an account, please register for a new account. Once you have created an account go back to the Welcome page and your mobile number followed by the OTP. If you have already registered for an account and unable to login with either your registered email or mobile number, make sure you are connected to the internet or retry after a few minutes.If you are still unable to login, try resetting your password. If you are still unable to login, please email us at www.enjoyfresh.com If you have trouble remembering your password, press reset your password and an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.Enter the OTP when prompted along with your new password.

2). How to solve registration failed?

Check whether you have given valid phone number and pincode. Might solve your issue. If it is network failed error, Please check your internet connection and try again after some time.

3). What have to do if I get app update or version?

In-order to upgrade and get new features, Download new version and login again withyour credentials. Note: please do not login with Touch ID for the first time once you have downloaded new version.

4). What if I do not get Otp?

Please click on ‘resend’ button. If you still not received Otp, force kill the app and try after some time.

5). What to do if the app force closes suddenly?

Check you phone memory and free up some space if it full. Open the app and try again same flow.

6). What to do if I couldn’t able to see order status?

Just go back and load same page again.

7). How to improve the quality of app performance?

Below are the some of the techniques to improve quality,

  • Make sure your mobile app version is up-to-date.
  • Limit background tasks and force kill background app’s
  • Use Wifi or minimum 4G + mobile networks.
  • Move closer to your router

8). What if my camera won’t work?

Go to settings -> navigate to the EnjoyFresh App Check weather you have given permission to access the device camera

9). Does mobile app version has impact on App?

Yes, there might be some unknown bugs in iOS/Android release version’s. These will be fixed in the latest iOS/Android release from Apple/playstore. These kind of bugs will always have an impact on App’s on some key features such as ‘Notifications’, ‘Camera related features’ and ‘App force close issues’ etc. So, Always try update the latest version and use the app to have good performance and usability.

10). When to delete the app and re-install again?

If you are facing unknown App behaviour that which cannot be reproduced or identified by support team. Please delete the app and reinstall it again and use it to have better performance.