Cancellation of Orders:
  • User-Requested Cancellations: Users have the option to cancel their orders, subject to certain conditions. The cancellation request must be made before the Vendor/ Merchant accepts the order. Once the Vendor/ Merchant accepts the order, it cannot be cancelled by the User.
  • Vendor/ Merchant-Requested Cancellations: In some cases, the Vendor/ Merchant may cancel an order due to unavailability of items or other unforeseen circumstances. If your order is cancelled by the Vendor/ Merchant, you will be notified, and a refund will be initiated as per the Refund Policy outlined below.
Refund Policy:
  • Refunds for User-Requested Cancellations: If a user cancels an order before it is accepted by the Vendor/ Merchant, any payment made for the order will be refunded to the user's original payment method within a reasonable timeframe. The refund amount may be subject to processing fees or deductions as determined by ENJOYFRESH.
  • Refunds for Vendor/ Merchant-Requested Cancellations: If the Vendor/ Merchant cancels an order due to unavailability of items or other reasons, ENJOYFRESH will initiate a refund to the user's original payment method. The refund will include the full amount paid for the cancelled order, including any applicable taxes and delivery charges.
  • Refunds for Quality or Delivery Issues: If you receive a damaged or incorrect order, or if the quality of the food or Products does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer support within a reasonable timeframe from the time of delivery. ENJOYFRESH will investigate the issue and may offer a refund or replacement, at its sole discretion.
  • Refunds Processing Time: Refunds will be processed promptly, but the time it takes for the refund to be reflected in your account may vary depending on your payment method and financial institution. ENJOYFRESH will not be responsible for any delays caused by third-party payment processors or banks.